News, Norfolk and Links

Hello. Ready for a catch-up? August and September have passed by with their late summer splendour and I find myself in early (no double figures yet) October ready for an amalgamation of blog posts. Think Minimalist Monday, Friday Links and holiday highlights - all on a Friday night. Not very minimalist, I agree, but I feel I need to dip my toes back into the water before my fragile blogging skills surreptitiously sink. This year has taken an unexpected turn as I've somehow taken on more work. Since working almost full-time since January on a temporary basis I've been working full-time as a permanent class teacher since September. It's been five years since I was last in this position and so it's taken a while to adjust to the pace and demands involved. I'm quickly adjusting and enjoying my new job. Luckily, I have lots of support and love at home to see me through. Working full-time is a choice and therefore I feel quite free.

Did you have a good summer? I do hope so, and for anyone in the Southern Hemisphere I hope you're enjoying early spring. Holiday photos have an almost mythical quality don't you think? These shots were taken in North Norfolk where I spent a few days with my mum at Brancaster Staithes. It was such an unspoilt and beautiful spot. Running along the back of our hotel along the marshland coastline was magical and exciting and I would love to return to this area again.Think colourful beach huts, seal watching and sea lavender. Pretty mesmerising. 

So, minimalism and working full-time? I think it can work. I really do, Yes, I have less time but my free time is more precious and therefore carefully planned or wisely used. There's still time for simple pleasures: early morning radio, reading, weekend walks, cafe dates, and seeing friends. Sometimes life gets frantic but then it always did. My minimalist wardrobe, mindfulness and gratitude techniques are powerful tools that I didn't possess five years ago. I find myself drawn to minimalist and simple living blogs more than ever. However, I refuse to be a pawn in the simple living industry and read selectively. 

And so onto a few links which I have found useful, inspiring and entertaining. Please pop in and say hello and let me know your current simple pleasure, news or views. I've missed you and Just a little less. It's four years old now and here to stay.