Sunny Side Up

This summer.... 

I'm sure we'll remember this summer for years to come. I mean, we don't often get summers like this in the UK, do we? I think it helps to have some photos as a record. I still have snow scenes on my phone from March and they're a little reality check. So how are you? Life is full on here. Both boys are back home on summer breaks, from uni and teaching in China. A full house, that's a nice feeling. Mum's been quite ill recently; she's declined since my last blog post although I've been concerned about her for the last year. Anyway, I'm adjusting to the new normal we're now facing and the difficulties of caring for a loved one with mental illness. These photos show some simple pleasures and highlights of the summer so far. I hope you like them.

  • Leamington Spa at the beginning of May
  • Fresh juicy blueberries (on a cake)
  • Growing seeds in our tiny garden 
  • Tin Man - best read of the year so far - and the start of my sunflower obsession
  • Bearded Theory festival, so pretty at night (it was hot)
  • My cutting flower plot at the community garden
  • Sweet pea wigwam at the community garden
  • A pastel themed pallet planter
  • A solstice gathering at the community garden
  • Dreamy dahlias
  • Renewing our National Trust membership 
  • Growing purple radishes (hot, hot, hot)
  • Eating outside in the garden
  • Berries on porridge