47. Happy Friday Links

I don't know about you, but I'm really enjoying spring and this late Easter with its lengthening daylight hours. Everything feels fresh and new - like January again (only brighter and cheerier) - as if we've been given another chance to form new habits and retry our to-do lists of self-improvement. I didn't succeed with any new year resolutions, but I could do with a second chance... how about you? Roll-over January, April's temperature's rising (God bless you, Chuck Berry). So, let's start afresh with a few links to inspire small steps (or strides) along the simplicity path this Easter. Have a lovely weekend xo



Exploring London

Exploring London with my twenty-two year old son today was very different to the last time we visited the capital together, which was probably ten years ago. This time, we had a different purpose (to collect his visa for teaching English in China) compared to the sight-seeing of our previous visit, but we still had fun. We explored Shoreditch, Hackney and Camden, perusing record shops, independent bookshops, vintage clothes shops and vegan eateries. He was a great guide and good company. These photos are a record of our day - I hope you enjoy them.