What Is Minimalism?

Don't panic, this is a warm and friendly blog, really.

Let me explain my version of minimalism.

I'll try and keep it short.

Minimalism isn't sterile. It isn't depressing.

It isn't just an art movement or a design style and it doesn't mean living in a white, sparse space.

Becoming minimalist isn't about chasing perfection.

It doesn't mean 'going without'.

Minimalism is about reducing unnecessary stuff from your life: whether that be possessions, commitments or negative thoughts/emotions.

It's about owning less stuff and having more S P A C E without necessarily moving house.

It's about enjoying what you've got instead of living for the future.

It's about valuing yourself and others above material possessions and status symbols.

It's about freeing up time to do the things you never get time for.

Minimalism can help you gain control of your life but it won't happen overnight.

Minimalism doesn't require minimal effort: it's HARD WORK.

Still interested? Why not try...

Baby steps

  • Declutter one small area: your handbag; desk; one kitchen cupboard ...
  • Buy one less thing - ask yourself: Can I manage without this? Does it really need replacing? What could I use instead?
  • Choose an alternative activity to shopping: read a book, visit a friend or go for a walk.
  • Focus on what you have got rather than what you haven't got: S T O P comparing yourself to others.
  • Take some pressure off yourself by doing one less thing on your 'to do' list.

Phew: I've got that off my chest.

Hope that wasn't too heavy - why not try one of these tips and reflect on how it makes you feel.

Maybe you're already doing some of these things: Yeah, you're a minimalist already and you didn't know it! Do let me know how you get on.

Originally posted on 15 October 2012.



  1. What a great website! :)

    I'll be visiting many times.


  2. I too am going to enjoy reading this - a 'like minded' gal from New Zeland

  3. Hi, just found your site and really enjoying reading through it. I too have started to cut down on a lot of things. My husband and I and our two little boys live in a small 2 bed cottage which we are renovating. I am slightly tidy crazy and like everything to have a place to 'live' which is hard when you live in a small space with 2 children! We are just realising that although we love certain pieces of furniture (it started with my lovely welsh dresser), being practical we don't have the room so we have sold things on and since then I haven't looked back. Everything's been cut back and even the boys toys were sorted and they have minimal stuff but things they play with all the time. We have a large garden and they love playing outside, which helps and I have enjoyed making the most of what we have instead of thinking I need to get something else because it will make our lives better. Sorry about rambling on but I love that I've found you blog as I can relate so much x

  4. Great blog. I'm really enjoying reading it. It's so often that people think of minimalism as blank and hospital-like and even kind of nasty and inhumane... you know, all rules and doing without and restriction. Whereas I've found the opposite is true, and becoming a minimalist has helped me find a freedom I didn't think is possible!

    It's a work in progress of course, but minimalism is certainly making me happier and making my life more manageable than it ever was before.

    Thanks :)

    Lee over at http://simplelivingwithkids.com

  5. Totally agree. Life is all about striking the right balance.


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