My Word for 2019

It's been a few years since I've chosen a word for the year and I've missed this little ritual and the guidance it can bring. Slowly, the word that has come to mind for me in the first few days of 2019 is cherish. This is a positive, warm and gentle word and has connotations of wellbeing. I'm resisting the January merry-go-round of fitness and diet advice, sales shopping and goal setting and concentrating instead on cherishing what I have: my health, more clothes and possessions than I need and a bank of motivation to encourage me to follow my values and my own path. In 2019 I want to nurture relationships old and new, practise gratitude for all that I have, stop wanting more or wanting to be more and to be kind to myself. I want to cherish life and indulge a little.

Thank you for all your comments and for reading this little blog that is now coming back to life. Happy New Year friends xo



  1. I like it! An excellent choice and a beautiful word.

  2. What a wonderful choice of word for the year. I've been trying to think of a word for this year too, but haven't settled on one yet. Cherish is the nicest one i've come across yet <3

  3. I love your choice Claire and it's great to see your posts appear. Wishing you lots of times to cherish this year.
    Jacquie x

  4. I think mine is going to have to be patience! But it's a life lesson.


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