Happy Friday Links

Every week I like to share wonderful reads and resources to inspire simplicity, mindfulness and living well on less. 

  • The Anti-McMansion via The New York Times. One family in a communal clutter free space, "We love the things that we have and try not to be wasteful. The rest, we edit."
  • A simple approach to walking for mind and body, Why no-frills walking is the best kind of walking by Marissa Bate via The Pool.
  • Was Thoreau fleeing reality? He's certainly inspired many of us to simplify our lives and notice the everyday beauty in nature. Oliver Burkeman disagrees: Why cabin fantasies shut out reality via The Guardian. For more escapism find copious calming cabins on the blog Cabin Porn. Love it. 
  • I enjoyed this short story on Granta, an online magazine of new writing.
  • Continuing my floating tiny home fantasy... take a tour (via Homes & Property) of up-cycling genius Max McMurdo's floating home as seen on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces this week.
  • After my holiday treats it's time to get my grocery shopping back under control as I continue A Year of Less Spending. Jack Monroe provides a useful updated list of her shopping on a budget tips here. The readers' comments are worth studying too - I like the idea of a printed list and using it many times (diagonal line for bought item, crossed line for used up item and repeat). 

With these, enjoy your weekend xo



  1. You always have the best and most interesting links Claire.
    Thankyou :-) Xx

  2. No frills walking is the best sort for me! The things you see, thoughts in your head, chatting as you go along - you really do feel better after a walk.


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