Hello July

Woo hoo summer has arrived so here are some photos of recent summer fun.

  • A day spent on our friends' barge two weekends ago. This was my one and only shot before my camera battery died.
  • Courgette salad - low GI and a perfect way to use one of Aldi's super 6 this week. Yay to super frugal healthy food. 
  • Pots in bloom outside our front door.
  • FUSE festival from last weekend. My camera stayed in the car whilst I had fun. 
  • The first fuchsia in our pallet planter. 
  • Blue skies.
  • Strawberry cake. Almost too pretty to eat. Yay to post gym treats.
  • Waiting for the first sunflowers to open.
  • Strawberry picking. Worth it for the smell alone.

Sending you brief words but lots of love. Have a great week xo


  1. What beautiful pictures! So nice to hear from you!

  2. Good to see your happy summer photos Claire!

  3. Hey Claire,
    Lovely to see you making the most of July! Can't beat a punnet of strawbs!
    Leanne xx

  4. The smell of strawberries - yes, it's just the most heavenly thing ever. That courgette salad looks divine too. I hope you're having a lovely summer holiday. xx


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