49. Happy Friday Links

Hello! I'm so pleased to be able to bring you this week's links. Relax and enjoy.
  • On Discipline from Minimalist Meditations (a new blog started in January 2017). Written by Jessica Dang, whose other blog Minimal Student really inspired me to downsize, this is a wonderful essay to motivate you when the minimalist path gets tough.
  • A critical look at moderation, Reconsidering Moderation, from Minimal Wellness.
  • Mum happened to catch Songs of Praise from Tenby, which featured a trip to Caldey island and an interview with one of the Cistercian monks. It felt like I was back there...
  • This post from Sarah of My New Roots is much more than a recipe post and is well worth a read if you're a vegetarian and/or interested in nutrition and well-being.
  • How I love the Indie Projects and now they've introduced us to Florence and the Morgans, see more on this video from Explorer Buddies. Great outdoor adventures and small space living from the UK. 
  • I love this Vancouver house from Small House Bliss, in particular the use of wood. I smiled when I saw the location of the washing machine and drier and knew Kirstie would approve.
Keeping the links down to six this week as I'm in the process of helping our youngest son pack for uni (he's off on Saturday). He's so calm and being very moderate in the amount of possessions he's taking, which is helping. 
Have a great weekend xo


  1. Love the tiny house - spent a happy hour this morning googling some more! My youngest went off to uni this weekend too. Just a couple of bags, some pots and pans and a guitar! I shall miss him, even though he was away travelling for months last year. But on the bright side I am looking forward to having a house that stays clean and tidy, at least till they are both home at Christmas...

  2. Always the best links ever Claire, thank you! Xx

  3. Hi Claire, just wanted to say thank you for the link. I'm glad that Minimal Student/Minimalist Meditations has helped you in some way, you have a great blog here, keep up the great work!


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