A Chilled One

Today has been lovely. A chilled day. A day where we did just as much as we wanted and as little as we wanted too. Most weekends there are commitments and yesterday was busy with volunteering at our local beer festival, domestic tasks, seeing family, church and so on but today has been a free day for us. And I've loved every moment of it. Tea and toast with real butter for breakfast. Roast pork for dinner with homemade apple sauce, a dollop of which was added to the gravy - yum. Watching our youngest tuck into extra roasties and bread and gravy when we were completely stuffed. Finding a new place to go for a walk. Squealing as I squelched along a very muddy canal path before hitting the woods in search of a dry path. The sun sinking behind the trees. Beautiful blue sky, birds flitting and tweeting but too flighty to be caught on camera. The stillness of the water disturbed only by the chugging of a barge. Woodsmoke lingering on our clothes.

Feeling free of commitments, new horizons beckoning and signs of spring appearing (I may be getting carried away now). Arriving home to put the kettle on. Looking forward to the evening and week ahead. 

Nothing special - just a simple, chilled and happy day. 

Hope you have had a chance to chill too.

Be happy this week xo 



  1. What a lovely day Claire. Those skies and your surroundings exude peace! (And your roast dinner looks pretty good too!) thanks for popping over to see me in blog land!

  2. Your day sounds absolutely perfect to me.

  3. It sounds utterly blissful, so glad you had a good time. The walk looks perfect, especially with all of that stunning blue sky.

  4. It's being able to see the beauty in the simplicity that refreshes the soul.

    It sounds like a very good weekend.

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely Sunday.

  6. We had the same idea yesterday too!
    Sarah x

  7. Sounds like you made the most of it, love your photos.

  8. Captured as ever in beautiful pictures.....love picture 10, looks like a child's scribble tree :-)

  9. That swan photograph is beautiful. Loved the story of your day!


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