At the Weekend


♥ enjoyed a meet up with fellow arts association volunteers on Friday evening with in-house entertainment
♥ awoke to blue skies on Saturday and a crisp frost on Sunday
♥ walked  through Shugborough estate on the edge of Cannock Chase taking in the canal, stately home, grounds, farm animals and the longest packhorse bridge in England
♥ ate delicious Indian cuisine at my book club Christmas (belated) meal although the restaurant was rather rowdy 
♥ failed to disprove the theory that Christmas leftovers - cheeses, red cabbage, chocolates, Christmas cake and mince pies from the freezer - are decadently moreish
♥ bought thank you cards and stamps but didn't galvanise the boys into action
♥ did just enough ironing to see us through next week
♥ abandoned all thoughts of a run 
♥ are looking forward to the wonderful acting and intrigue in tonight's episode of Sherlock

Not bad for the second weekend in January. Hope you all had a good weekend too xo 



  1. Sounds like a pretty good weekend to me! I have a lump of leftover christmas turkey in the freezer that needs dealing with! I wonder if I can buy it off with a plane ticket somewhere!! xx

  2. That sounds like a lovely week. Beautiful photos, but what a lot of water. It's the same story all over the place I think. I hope you have a good week this week too.

  3. Beautiful photos!!! I miss the sun. It's been really rainy here in Finland for weeks, can't remember when I saw the sun last time. Luckily it seems that we are finally getting winter here, so perhaps this week we will enjoy sun as well :) Hope you have a nice week!

  4. Yup, we have leftover turkey :) not for long!
    For some reason I haven't been to Shugborough properly, must do so next time, the scene of so many weddings...
    ...but I'd rather borrow a dog and go on the Chase!
    Wasn't Sherlock exasperating and clever?!!

  5. We have had a good weekend minus the sunshine. Your pictures are beautiful, the first one would be my favorite. Have a good week.

  6. That sounds like a good weekend Claire the pictures taken on your walk are beautiful.
    Sarah x

  7. That sounds like a lovely weekend. Your photos are beautiful and Shugborough is such a great place to visit.


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