February Days

Can you believe we're into the last week of February already? It seems to have gone so fast even for a short month.

But February's always a busy month for us with my birthday and our youngest son's just days apart and then there's Valentine' s Day vying for our attention (maybe one celebration too many). I do like February though and not just because of our birthdays. Knowing spring will be with us soon fills me with hope for the milder, lighter months ahead. 

In February I feel I can enjoy the cosiness of winter whilst I begin to look forward to spring. This week's milder weather and bright skies have certainly helped buoy me up. We've relished walks looking for signs of spring and I took my camera for a whirl around my parent's lovely garden where many of these shots were taken. At this time of year I'm also keen to get on with decluttering so I've been editing my clothes, books and magazines and tidying up corners of my home, like this bookcase in the kitchen. 

This year February seems to have started in winter and ended in spring. Lovely.



  1. Beautiful photos, the one of the crocuses quite took my breath away. February has indeed flown by. It was my middle boy's birthday on the 13th, and I always think that once we have reached that the winter is mostly over.

  2. Looks like your garden has come alive, so many pretty flowers.

  3. Fabulous flowers... I love February because it is still a Winter month, my preferred season :-)

  4. Lovely pics! (I have the same Rob Ryan tea towel. I keep meaning to get it framed but...)

    The seasons are changing here too. It's still hot in the daytime but nights and mornings are definitely on the cooler side.

    Col x

  5. Your weekends always sound so perfect Claire. Unlike mine - marking - marking - planning etc.
    Loved the cake - posted Grace's minus candles on instagram. Fifteen to eighteen has flown by so quickly I can hardly believe it (make the most of it). La Redoute has some very you things in their new catalogue, some very reasonable - might be worth a look. Love the quality of your photos x x

    1. Wow great cake. Yes, 15 is just old enough. Thanks for recommendation, I love La Redoute's denim shirts - will add to wish list xo

  6. So lovely to see so many signs of spring coming along. Hope that you have enjoyed your month of birthdays and celebrations! xx

  7. What an assortment of flowers that we are weeks away from seeing! But I have also started some Spring cleaning here. Worked on the pantry last week, perhaps this week I will have the chance to make some Spring decorations for the house.

  8. Love the pictures of spring! We are still covered in snow and hoping those same signs will show up here soon enough!

  9. Beautiful photos you have awoken my love of spring I can't wait - we have a busy February for birthdays - mine, my sisters, my dad and my grandsons what a lot of cake and parties - lovely x

  10. I think this month has flown by, which is nice as January felt the the longest month EVER. Such gorgeous photos Claire - it's really nice to see flowers appearing, in the real world and in blogs. Many happy returns to you and to your son. xx


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