Only You...


notice the heart shape on your lunchtime bowl of soup at your computer (I didn't - it's a pure coincidence that my swirl turned into a heart)
♥ be so pleased by a morning iced bun
♥ could provide the perfect soundtrack (via Spotify) to a simple V-Day curry feast. And yes, Only You by Yazoo was on the tracklist.

Happy Valentines all xo


  1. Loving the heart on your soup and the tulips !

  2. I'd be happy with a nice sticky bun too. Hope you have a good day and a lovely weekend.

  3. That soup looks fabulous! Yum!! I just found your blog, but it looks like something i'll quite like! Going to read more and add you to my RSS reader! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Your soup was just trying to say Happy Valentines Day!! xx

  5. So funny - I have never enjoyed any kind of fancy cakes, pastries etc. but a Sally Lunn iced bun?! Anytime ;) Haven't had one for years, now!

    We often notice the patterns on my husband's coffee when the cream's been added… ;)


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