Simple Pleasures: June

June may be one of our shorter months but it hasn't felt like it. It's been a glorious month weather-wise here and it has actually felt like summer. I've written less blog posts this month than ever but I feel I've lived the life I write about more than ever, too. Having a smart phone and instagramming (is that a verb) has certainly helped me capture these happy moments without it being time consuming. And not having a permanent job right now has made my summer a lot less stressy too. 

Whilst I haven't updated my simple pleasures list on my sidebar recently it's something I like to reflect on from time to time. Taking photos on my phone and using Instagram is a great way to create a visual gratitude diary. 

All of these photos are from my phone and hold sweet memories.

♥ Opening windows first thing. I enjoy snatching a little bit of extra time on bright mornings and find it hard to stay in bed.

♥ Lunar festival. We had a fun, chilled time.
♥ Shakespeare in the Park (the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet). We were lucky to get free tickets through our local arts organisation. A perfect way to spend a summer afternoon. 
♥ British strawberries. The smell... the taste... the colour...
♥ Decluttering at a car boot sale and bagging these bargain chairs from Ikea at the same time (£5 for three).
Augergine dhal, a new recipe. I've made it twice this month.
♥ Having our student son home and his rather cool vinyl collection.
♥ Nurturing white lupins in my new garden. 
♥ National Trust visits. We returned to Packwood House in Warwickshire. I loved the sorbet colour of these roses.

What are your current daily pleasures? I'd love to hear. 

July beckons and we've got a busy month with a 70th birthday party, our local festival (with hubs and band performing after a long break), an anniversary date night, a garden to finish for my dad's birthday celebration and tomorrow I'm off for a day adventuring in London. Excited, happy and busy.

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  1. Sounds like very enjoying June was had and that July offers just as much.

    X x

  2. lovely photos ,have a great July ,could we see your minimalist wardrobe!

  3. My little summer pleasure would be making use of my swing bench while watching the dogs play, a small pleasure that brings me a lot of happiness x

  4. A perfect month, I think. Culture, food and flowers - in that order, for me!

  5. Wasn't the weather just knockout?! My first time at an English vineyard (Halfpenny Green) and a nostalgic trip to Sheffield with Granny to the house where she was born... ;)
    And the poster safely back with me in Switzerlan LOL!!

  6. I'm loving open windows first thing too. There's a balcony off of the bedroom where I am at the moment, and it's blissful. I swam in the sea today, in Cornwall, it was turquoise and fantastic. CJ xx


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