Thoughts on Paring Down my Wardrobe

Item by item and hanger by hanger, I am gradually paring down my wardrobe. I am letting go of: sale items, duplicate items, charity shop items bought only because of the label, the idea of making do with something I no longer like and anything that makes me ask, Am I too old for.... or, Why does this feel tight around my.... My old clothes are being donated to charity shops to help good causes and sold at car boot sales to help build someone's wardrobe who has less than I. Garments residing in storage from Project 333 are leaving the house. Items thrown out by mistake are making me feel truly liberated. The check shirt that I sold for a song to a joyous teenage girl at a car boot sale is still making me smile. My 'best' clothes are being worn again and again. New basics are earning their keep and new listings on Ebay are being prepared. The fear of not having enough clothes is lessening its grip. I'm loving the way my new black and grey linen skirt coordinates with my black, grey and white tops. I'm beginning to count the hangers in my wardrobe... I think I can do this. I can have a minimalist wardrobe.



  1. Well done Claire! I love the line, 'my best clothes are being worn again & again'. This is how wardrobes should work - anything you pull out should be something you love & that flatters you in return. Enjoy your new fun approach to stress-free dressing.
    Regards, Nikki.

  2. beautiful skirt! I love that you are finding the freedom you are looking for

  3. A simpler wardrobe leaves more 'headspace' don't you think? We all tend to wear a fraction of what's in our wardrobe anyway.

  4. I am doing the same.It does get easier to do, although I still have too many skirts! Sarah x

  5. This is a wonderful post. It's truly liberating to let go isn't it.

    I'm doing a car boot sale next week and I intend to take a whole rail of clothes..... they don't know it yet they are still lurking at the back of my wardrobe, packed away while I do P333 this season.

    It's a journey isn't it but such a freeing one.

  6. I love having a small wardrobe though I know I could still minimise further. That skirt is gorgeous - I'd be interested to know what your wardrobe looks like once you've decided to stop (for the time being) culling it down x

  7. I applaud you! I love how you stated, "Item by item and hanger by hanger, I am gradually paring down my wardrobe." I was feeling discouraged because that's how the process is going for me too, one piece at a time. Thank you for the renewed encouragement.

  8. Claire I love your striped skirt (so versatile) and it seems you do have a minimalist wardrobe already!
    By the way, how was the music festival in Warwickshire? Donovan has been a long time favourite of mine and I have happy memories of seeing him in Oxford many years ago.

  9. Well done. I love a versatile wardrobe piece that works hard to earn it's place, like that skirt probably does. My wardrobe is full but I do wear a lot of what is in there, I promise! I am increasingly realising that more expensive clothes do pay for themselves as they last so much longer. I love the story of how happy that teenage girl was with the shirt she bought from you for a song - just think how chuffed that made her. x

    1. Thanks Gillian. Yes, that shirt was a favourite piece of mine but was beginning to get a bit tight under the arms so its going to get more wear from its new owner. She described it as 'cool'. That made me happy xo

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