At the weekend


♥ celebrated a family birthday at a restaurant on Friday evening
♥ cleared out the small shed in our tiny garden
♥ weeded the garden - it took less than 10 minutes
♥ made treacle tart on Saturday to make Sunday lunch easier
♥ ran our local 10K race in less than one hour apiece - I took a lot longer to recover than my boys 
♥ enjoyed a family Sunday lunch with my parents - pulled shoulder of pork with crunchy crackling and baked apples. 

Hubs didn't run but was chief photographer and chef. Definitely a team effort.

Hope you all had good weekends too. See you next week xo


  1. Well done to you and your boys on completely 10k in less than an hour! Sunday lunch sounds delicious, you can't beat crackling. Your treacle tart looks lovely. Wishing you a happy week.
    Louise x

  2. Congratulations in completing 10K. I couldn't manage that! Your treacle tart looks amazing! Sarah x

  3. How wonderful running with your boys....under an hour wow & I'm a run leader!
    Lovely pic of you all, xx

  4. well done Claire, I like the sound of 10 minutes weeding! and your outfit post. Nice to see more. X


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