Watching the River Flow

On Sunday we took a walk along the River Trent. Just a short drive away from the hubbub of our city we found a beautiful unspoilt spot. 

Cool clear waters to dip our toes into and the melodious sound of the river trickling by. 

Seven cygnets swimming against the tide. 

It was quite magical. 

I think the sunshine helped. 

There is something so calming about water, don't you think? 

Far away from it all yet at the centre of it too.


  1. something so calming, yes. and healing too. beuatiful photos. beautiful place.

  2. I could feel that cool water. This has been my year for paddling too. Sheer bliss.

  3. The sunlight on the water looks magical.

  4. Beautiful pictures Claire. I particularly like the looking up picture, the sun coming through the trees is stunning. I've started blogging at louisesnotebook.wordpress.com after reading your inspiring blog.

  5. That's beautiful we did exactly the same as you on Sunday. It made my weekend. Sarah x

  6. I love dipping my toes in the sea. Especially in the winter. Lovely photos.
    Leanne xx

  7. Toes in sea on Saturday Cape May. Love your photos. Planning a trip for the day just to put my toes in the ocean.

  8. Lover of water here, sea, lake, river. So soothing, by the sea I can sit for hours in an almost meditative state, my husband asking if we can go yet!!
    Beautiful photos Claire xxx

  9. Such beautiful photography! I can feel the water. I must check back sometime and find out which camera you are using. I remember you getting it. Great pictures. X

  10. I really enjoyed your photos. Makes me want to find the nearest stream :-)


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