Le Weekend

This weekend...

we're heading off for a three day break. We'll be in France for two nights visiting my father-in-law and then on our return we have one night booked into a UK hotel (with a cocktail lounge). A child free break, the longest break we've had together as a couple in the past nineteen years. Nineteen years. And we're leaving the country. 

Of course, I shall be travelling light. 

My mini-break wardrobe: favourite skinny jeans, checked shirt, vest, white/black striped three quarter length sleeved top, blue modal round neck t-shirt, black blazer, parka, flat boots and heeled boots. 

Travelling light is easy now I have a minimalist wardrobe. I shall be wearing half my clothes and carrying the rest. Clothing dilemmas are easily sorted these days. 

I'm looking forward to three days of new experiences, having time to talk and just be. Enjoy your weekend xo



  1. Have a wonderful time. Mark and I will also be having a child free break. It is so exciting! Also packing light....

  2. Have a lovely time, but watch those cocktails:)


  3. I am new to your blog and will enjoy following along, the bread in the photo above is lovely!! Its so nice to meet you, best wishes from Canada, have a wonderfful time away!

  4. Enjoy your together time. We have never stayed in France maybe sometime soon! Have a lovely time

  5. Thinking of you Claire as you and your husband enjoy your child-free break and all the experiences you will share :)

  6. Enjoy your wonderful sounding weekend Claire x

  7. Thank you for all your best wishes - à bientôt xo

  8. Bon voyage! Go and enjoy yourselves!

  9. A break together (sans the kids) is wonderful. I hope you had a wonderful time.

    Isn't there something so 'right' about French food shops. That's all we did when we stayed in Paris ... browsed the food shop windows, they even over-shadowed the posh handbag shops in my opinion,


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