What I Wear: The Checked Shirt

Yes it's those jeans again, this time tucked into my brown Chelsea boots (Next). Both the jeans (M&S) and boots are really hard wearing and long serving items in my wardrobe that suit both my budget and lifestyle. They can take a knock or two. My jeans are developing signs of age where the denim is beginning to thin. I like this character. I remember throwing out some beautifully fitting jeans once that ripped - I think it was a mistake. As for this checked shirt (F&F) it's loose fitting, check lined and has optional roll-up sleeves. It's a new purchase to replace my old one that was feeling tight around the arms. This new one is a size bigger and perfect for swinging my arms on a sunny autumn stroll. It might be supermarket fashion but I feel confident it's a keeper. I hope you enjoyed this second peek into my 40 piece minimalist wardrobe.



  1. It's a look that really suits you.

    I dress in a very similar style and have just added two M&S check shirts to my clothes collection for this season. I need to sort through my wardrobe and pack away the Summer stuff now, and have a good look at what I have for the coming colder months.

  2. A perfect, timeless autumn look! I do love a splash of plaid, I'm looking for a swirly longer line shirt to wear with leggings this year, not that I should be buying any more clothes!!!

  3. Great shirt - I feel like buying one immediately :)


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