Minimalist Monday: Memory Keeping

On Thursday, at his funeral, many memories were shared of my dad, Michael. We each had different memories to share and the stories that were told that day created a wonderful sense of pride, love and respect in us all. I wrote and read Dad's eulogy and, as my nerves settled, I realised what an honour it was to tell his story to his family, friends and work colleagues. It made me realise how much our lives overlap, how much we can influence those we come into contact with and how we remember someone for how they made us feel as much as for what they achieved. 

The love and stability he created for his family will live on as will his example of living a good life: always hard-working, loyal, caring and respectful to others, very positive and determined to enjoy life. 

As we begin our 'new normal' lives without my dad, his memory and example will live on.  

As I posted this another wonderful tribute to Dad was also published, this time from two of his running friends (the two Daves) - read it here. Thank you both!



  1. So sorry to hear of your loss Claire.
    It sounds and looks like your Dad had a full and happy life.As you say, a dad to be proud of, and I'm sure he was proud of you too.
    take care
    Jacquie xxx

  2. So sorry for your loss, Claire. I still miss my dad now after more than 30 years but the memories still remain. Big hugs x

  3. Hey Claire,
    Lovely photographs Claire. And what a wonderful legacy he has left.
    Take care,
    Leanne xx

  4. Thank you Claire for sharing these photos and telling us about the wonderful qualities of your dear dad. Hugs to you and your family as you begin your "new normal" lives.

  5. Oh that first pic is the spitting image of my (now 22) nephew, does this mean he will age as your dad did - a lovely man in looks and personality.
    Sympathy for you and your family

  6. beautiful Claire, you did well. Lovely photos, especially the sepia. X

  7. Lovely photos each and every one of them.

    They show a lovely boy growing up to be a handsome man and then a caring family man, as proud of his family as you all obviously are of him. What a wonderful legacy of family love and memories he has left behind. xx

  8. Your Dad looks such a lovely man Claire, sending you lots of love. Penny Lxxx

  9. You must feel very privileged to have had such a great dad, he lives on in your heart, and how you live your life :) xxx


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