Minimalist Monday: My Word for 2015

Hello. A little late this year, forgive me, but here is the word I have chosen to guide me through 2015. This is the third year I have chosen a word as a theme for the year. In 2013 I chose 'focus' and in 2014 'purpose'. Clear has a different feel to it than my previous words that were very driven and were about finding new direction (although I did define 'focus' as 'to see things more clearly' - so maybe I'm going round in circles!) I think my direction has become clearer over the last two years and I won't be making any major life changes in 2015, especially since loosing my dad recently. 

Here are a few definitions of clear that I've found:

1. Uncomplicated, simple and user-friendly
2. Transparent, unclouded
3. To be away from
4. To remove an unwanted item from somewhere

My hopes for 2015 are to

- keep things simple in my home, my work and my attitude - why complicate things?
- provide simple, user-friendly information on my blog to inspire others with their simplifying, with maybe some more vlogs and possibly an e-book - what do you think? Any other suggestions?
- to spend more time off technology than on, especially in my free time
- to clear more clutter and have some clear shelves and cupboard space - wouldn't that be wonderful?
- clear more junk from my diet and drink more water 

So, in 2015 I'm ambitious but in a minimalistic way. As I'm a bit late to the party with my word for the year, how about sharing your progress to date if you've chosen a word for the year? Or what's the one thing that's complicating your life that you're finding it hard to let go of? It's always wonderful to hear from you. Have a great week xo



  1. My word is Joy - noticing it, creating it and celebrating it (and I've had some help from Maire Kondo!). Here's wishing you clarity..

  2. Clear sounds so fresh....lovely word. My word this year and every year is Simple. I have a strong natural tendency to control so Simple reminds me every day to remove complexity, to think less, to feel each day, It's an ongoing battle.....I think Simple will be with me for a very long time :)

  3. Clear, Joy and Simple are all wonderful words to have as guides for the year.
    My word this year is Intention and will help to sharpen my desire to live deliberately every day.

  4. Clear sounds like a wonderful word for this year.

    You've been through so much just recently to be clear in body, mind and soul will be refreshing and just what you need.

    Each year I choose a sub'heading for my blog, this years is 'Needs Not Wants'. It helps me focus on what we are up to and what we want to be striving towards over the course of the year and it gives the blog a slightly different focus each year, which after so many years blogging I find refreshing.

  5. My word for this year is 'Simplify'...mainly because it has recently dawned on me that although I enjoy the decluttering & cleansing processes, I've built up many extremely sophisticated & overly complex systems in my life (everything from finance to laundry organization to file storage systems!) My buzzword used to be 'systematize' i.e. set up a good system & it will look after itself, but this has become way too complex over the years. Time to do some dismantling & simplify my life. Thanks for the clarity Claire. Best wishes, Nikki.


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