At the Weekend

Today we had a celebratory birthday meal for my mum-in-law. As we sat down there was a heavy shower of hailstones but it was soon followed by bright sunshine. Hail British Summer Time! 

I haven't taken many photos recently but this weekend I carried my camera around with me and found myself captivated by the beauty of spring and family gathering. I really enjoyed getting lost behind the lens once more. 

This weekend's highlights...

♥  A wonderfully relaxing evening last night with singer songwriter Chris Helme (formerly front man of The Seahorses). An acoustic guitar, soaring vocals and great story telling made for spellbinding music.
I brought this chick home with me from church. It was made by the 'Knit & Stitch' group to raise funds for Haiti. I have 2 others already and they all contain a chocolate egg. How could I resist?
Gluten free lemon polenta cake made by my brother-in-law's partner. The recipe is adapted from Nigella. The best lemon drizzle cake I've tasted. 
♥ My mum-in-law's pretty spring garden. The daffodils stood stoically like soldiers fighting off the fierce wind. The hyacinths are magnificent and the japonica is just opening. I'm very fond of this cheerful shrub.
Stripes on stripes. This beautiful cat was never far from us this afternoon.
Our seedlings are growing well and more will be planted this week. Our little garden is going to be well stocked this summer.

Thank you for reading, commenting and following Just a little less this week. Be well xo



  1. Love your pix. Serenity!

  2. Considering our wonderfully varied spring weather, you have captured it well! X

  3. Luv luv luv the chicken.


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