Weekend Finds

Hello and welcome to possibly my first weekend post of 2015 - it's certainly been awhile. This weekend has been all about looking outward - maybe a new month has put a spring in my step, who knows? It feels good to pick up my camera once more and play about with views, images, editing and recording the rhythm of the seasons. 

We had plans today to visit Attingham Park in Shropshire, a National Trust property, primarily for the snowdrops - but despite an early start our plans were thwarted by earlier than expected heavy wintry showers. Quickly, plan B was formed and before the downpour we strolled out through our front door along the old canal route that runs near our house to find clumps of snowdrops awaiting, luminous croci and a chatty robin hanging onto winter's wild ways. Lunch was beetroot soup - not homemade, but delicious and the most gorgeous colour. 

Later, sweetpeas were discovered on an upstairs windowsill. I've been promised an obelisk of purple and white sweetpeas this summer. Bliss awaits.  

Thank you so much for your rallying comments on St. Benedict. It was a joy to write about a subject I've been interested in for some months and receive such supportive comments. Who cares about a little opposition?

Have a great week friends xo



  1. Your snowdrop pictures are gorgeous, as is the photo of that sweet little robin. We've got snow showers here in the Midlands atm. Suzy x

  2. What gorgeous colours appearing everywhere. Lovely photos. (Mrs LH)

  3. Hey Claire,
    There's been an abundance of snowdrops around the lanes of West Cornwall this year. They are so beautiful aren't they? Delicate and yet so tough. I've never tried beetroot soup. My memories of beetroot is the smell of them cooking in the kitchen. It was rather unpleasant as I recall, and it has always put me off!
    Have a lovely week,
    Leanne xx

    1. I agree, they look really delicate but are surprisingly resilient. Our soup had horseradish in it too, a real kick - worth a try!

  4. We should get some flowers by the end of April :) Now you have me craving some borscht. We love beets at our house!

  5. Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing! Jenni

  6. How delightful to see your Spring photos Claire (even though we are heading into Autumn!)

  7. Beautiful photos Claire - thank you. They remind me of the gorgeous snowdrops & croci I saw at Kew gardens recently...such wonderful symbols of Spring hope! Your earlier post on learning from St Benedict came to me at the same time as a recent radio interview with two Benedictine monks (on radio 4) at Buckfast Abbey in Devon. Their conversation revealed that they, too, sometimes question some of the teachings/rituals that have become part of monastic life. See - flexibility and reflection can be found in the most unexpected of places! It's always good to reflect & learn from wiser others. Thanks for sharing :) Best wishes, Nikki


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