One Hundred Words of Now

Type. Write. Love. Loss. Less. Limits. Dawning. Early morning. Run. Exercise. Health. Hydrate. Triceps. Biceps. Mindfulness. Routine. Teach. Results. Holidays. Freedom. Explore. Play. Passion. Photos. Create. Me. Hand drawn. Anniversary. Time. Sixteen. Twenty. Twenty three. Seek. White. Grey. Down pipe. Taste. Dark chocolate. Red wine. Flat white. Dinner date. Garden. Grow your own. Showers. Flower. Lavender. Roses. Sweet peas. Sunflowers. Poppies. Simplicity. Books. Bloomsbury. Bohemian. New born. Faith. Hope. Courage. Desire. Dolorous. Dog days. Dresses. Bare legs. Freckles. Toes. Cool. Earth. Moon. Waning crescent. Dark side. Stillness. Truth. Family. Woodland. Water. Walks. Scatter. Gather. Together. Authentic. Safe. Hello. July. Now.

Thanks to Susannah Conway for the inspiration. 


  1. Love the idea. And, yes, I did count all words!

    1. Yes, the exercise was very powerful. Thank goodness for word count!

  2. Wonderful photo Claire - and wonderful words!


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