Happy Friday Links

This happy Friday some varied reads to unfurl your inner simple living soul. They might just work. 

Interesting, eh? Thank you for taking time this week to read, comment and follow my path to just a little less. Have a good weekend xo


  1. Thank you Claire for more thought provoking Happy Friday Links, Ido look forward to them.
    I continue to enjoy your blog and enjoy following your inspirational progress.
    Many thanks again,
    Lyndy x

  2. thankyou for the links this week, I really look forward to your Friday posts, I love the Gardeners Cottage and am now a follower. This week we decluttered by disposing of the contents of a four drawer filing cabinet, major step forward for us as hubby had years of paperwork in there and is a terrible hoarder but is now getting the idea a little.

  3. The Rich Man link piqued my interest & I read it earlier....wasn't expecting that. Thanks for sharing; it's given me food for thought all day.

  4. Some wonderful links there, thanks :-)

  5. thanks for the mention claire. now i'm off to read keeping up with the new joneses. what a great blog name! hope you are well. x

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