Happy Friday Links

In between reading (H is for Hawk - wonderful), painting the kitchen (it looks so much better) and listening to a lot of Radio 4 (you can learn so much) I've plucked these lovely reads from my limited online time. I hope you enjoy them. Sorry they're a day late, everything's a little skewed here what with decorating debris, my son's expedition gear (thankfully he's back from Southern Tanzania) and a poorly laptop which I'm looking into fixing. 

  • A simple approach to improving habits: 7 Reliable Steps to change Your Life at Any Age from Marc & Angel Hack Life.
  • From The Simple Things a simple and delicious recipe for guacamole. I can't wait to make it again. 
  • I met my friend for lunch and we swapped life notes (and paint colour recommendations) as only friends of the same age can. She also sent me this link, How to be a grown up: books to help you with mid-life. Thank you Julie and The Women's Room. 
  • A Calm Green, Grey and White Swedish Space by My Scandinavian Home. I've added a green grey feature wall to our kitchen. The first picture shows a similar shade to the one I've chosen. Is our kitchen calmer? I'll let you know...
  • Keeping up with the new Joneses. I'm thrilled to share this last link as it's a great new find. London Minimalists, launched this month by Michelle and Frank, is a fresh sounding blog where they share some serious but real posts about their mission to lead a more minimalist lifestyle. I've enjoyed every post and had trouble choosing which one to share with you.

Have a relaxing weekend xo



  1. I enjoyed all of those links, thanks for sharing. I love the London Minimalist blog, they sum up pretty much how I feel about the accumulation of 'stuff'.

  2. The Marc and Angel Life Hack link is interesting, thank you so much for sharing. I like the greeny grey wall, I think it will be very calming for you. We have decorated and given our bedroom a makeover in natural browns and cream colours, it is surprisingly revitalising to wake in this room now and so calming to go to sleep in, I am very 'into' calm and natural themes in the home and think it has a very positive effect on our health. Betty


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