Happy Friday Links

It's only been a week since I posted yet it feels like longer. A break away to the seaside has been wonderfully restorative - I can't wait to share the details and photos with you soon. For now here's a taster. A view of Thursday's sunrise taken on Hunt Cliff at Saltburn by the sea, half way along the Cleveland Way coast path. After taking a few photos I sat on the headland and stopped. I sipped crisp chilled air as gentle gilt sunlight broke a carpet of billowing sea mist. The majestic call of kittiwake gulls echoed my excitement. Together we heralded in the morning. It was awesome, magical and timeless. I hope these happy links will restore and inspire you a little this weekend.
  • I've enjoyed reading physical books this summer but now I have my dad's old Kindle maybe I should use it more. The Whimsy Bookworm has some good pro Kindle arguments. Monday Moods: 10 Reasons Why You Need A Kindle.
  • Holidays can be a trigger for me to spend more money. Here's some sound advice to shop less from Intentionally Simple 10 Ways to Change Consumption Habits.
  • I'm currently trying to use my cookbooks more often rather than use the internet for recipes and I don't need any more cookbooks but Anna Jones' books interest me a lot. Anna is author of The Modern Way To Eat and The Modern Way To Cook, worked for Jamie Oliver and is a huge fan of Nigel Slater and Sarah Britten (My New Roots). I like her attitude to eating well and cooking good food for real life. I enjoyed this video interview with her over on The Pool.
  • You know I'm a fan of Michelle and Frank from London Minimalists but if you haven't checked them out already read this, Minimalist travelling - it worked! I'm looking forward to reading about Michelle's minimalist wardrobe as it progresses.
  • Finally if you have three minutes to spare I enjoyed listening to Chris' Pause For Thought on Radio 2 on Friday. "We are more than economics", says Richard Coles and I agree.
With these enjoy the rest of the weekend xo



  1. Gorgeous photo! Looking forward to hearing more about your holiday.

  2. I read your bottom of the list post a few weeks ago and it's lovely to see it's subtle implementation in your life (books and cooking from cook books). Thanks for the link to London Minimalists. It's a new one for me and I'm enjoying fellow Brits exploration of all facets of minimalism.

    1. Thanks Catherine. Yes, I'm having a slow summer with plenty of time for reading and trying to gather information from sources other than the internet. I agree it's great to hear UK voices exploring minimalism in such an authentic way. London Minimalists certainly are a breath of fresh air.

  3. A beautiful photo and a wonderful experience. I am loving your blog and enjoy following up on the links you share. I too am having a slow summer with plenty of reading. Would recommend the Alan Johnson autobiographies, especially the first one ' This One' totally addictive. Look forward to hearing more about your holiday and your journey in 'just a little less'

  4. Sorry the book is called 'This Boy'.

  5. Hi Claire,
    It has been a joy discovering your blog! Thanks for the link love to my Kindle post :)
    Hope to read more here and see you over at my page too!
    Take care!

    1. Hi Pooja, you're very welcome - you're a great inspiration in keeping me reading!


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