Happy Friday Links

I'm keeping it simple this week as I have a new sophisticated laptop that seems to have a mind of its own and a very twitchy cursor. Basically it does not want to give me many clues as to how to work it. I feel like I'm blogging from scratch and that the internet has advanced five years during my seven days absence.
This week I've continued to work my way through my 'bottom-of-the-list' list. After finishing H is for Hawk I've launched straight into an 80s classic, The Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe, which is our next book club read. At over seven hundred pages (not unusually long for my book club) it should keep me entertained for a few more days.
I've been enjoying using my phone camera and posting on Instagram but only as and when I feel like it (I decided against joining in with The August Break in the end). I feel a little reluctant to use my DSLR too much because of getting to grips with photo editing on this new whizz of a laptop. My phone has been a perfect companion as we've had lots of lovely days out as Tim has been off work this week. Shrewsbury was a highlight where we drank delicious coffee and walked by the river.
Next week I'm off to the seaside with Mum for a few days so there'll be plenty more photo opportunities (and ice-cream sampling) but not much time for blogging. Expect a reliably late Happy Friday Links.
Onto this week's links then before I get over confident with my new technology.
Thank you to these wonderful writers and to you dear readers for putting up with my rather mindless approach to blogging of late. Have a great week xo


  1. I like your happy Friday links very much, you are good at picking out nuggets from the sea of information that is there on the internet. I also really like that photo and I wish my phone took such a clear shot. My phone pics look ok on IG but when I put them on my blog they look very grainy. Good luck with getting to grips with your new laptop. x

  2. Great list Claire, has introduced me to some new and really interesting blogs. Thanks.

  3. Great this blog is quit interesting and new for me,so thank so much for it.


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