Happy Holiday Links

Each week I like to share wonderful resources and reads to inspire simplicity, mindfulness and living well on less.

  • Nigella is back! From The Pool some insights into Nigella's food philosophy of balance and enjoyment, "No one should be put on this earth to go on a diet." This article is based on an interview published in Good Housekeeping magazine. There's more Nigella over at The Telegraph. Doesn't she look great in jeans and a checked shirt!
  • If it's balance you're looking for, this post is helpful, 5 signs you are out of balance from LJ at Whole Life Productivity.
  • Something for the weekend or half-term, Seven card games for a pizza and games night from The Simple Things. We'll be playing Eights next week.
  • One from The Minimalist's archives. I read this essay for the first time this week and I think their idea of should vs. must is very useful, How To Make A Damn Decision.
  • This sounds tasty, Cheddar cheese soup from Happening upon Happiness. I could so easily write a soup blog
  • A colourful and simple home, Polly & Dai's Happy Cornwall Cottage Home from Apartment Therapy's Greatest Hits. Because we're going to Cornwall next week and because it's too good to not share...
  • The good people at Unstuck tipped me off with this link to a brilliant PDF resource: 40 Uncomfortable Moments and How to deal with Them. It's easy to download and worth saving or printing for when you feel stuck in a situation, whether it's someone else's bad behaviour or how to respond to a sensitive topic such as hearing that someone's died or is seriously ill. It's all about making life just a little less uncomfortable. There's a sneak preview at the bottom of this post.


we're heading down to Far West Cornwall for a week's R & R. It's going to be just the two of us - our first full holiday without children for twenty years! So, I'll be taking a short blogging break but I'll be back in November with more happy links and A Year of Less Spending updates. And many photos of Cornwall in its autumn beauty.

Take care, lovely readers. Photo credit - our lovely friend and best man who often holidays at Mousehole xo



  1. What a lovely post! I'll come back and look at those links later. Enjoy your holiday. I just knew that picture had to be Cornwall.

  2. Will have a read! Have a wonderful break. I miss how peaceful and relaxing child free breaks are, family holidays are such fun but not much of a break for us parents. X

  3. Have a wonderful week with your husband Claire and enjoy the break! Looking forward to seeing the photos of your time in Cornwall.

  4. Lucky things, you're going to our favourite place. Have a wonderful holiday Claire. If you come across Roskillys ice cream I can't recommend the salt caramel flavour highly enough!

  5. Ooh envious! We were there about 3 weeks ago. It was heaven on earth. Warm sunny weather and everywhere almost deserted. Like you, it was just the 2 of us after many years! Have a fab holiday.

  6. There are some great links there, thanks :-)

    Have a wonderful time. xx

  7. Have a happy holiday, enjoy rekindling your 'twoness'. It is lovely!xxxxxxxx

  8. I do enjoy your links post. And I always set aside a good half hour in which to read them and follow up on everything.

    Have a fabulous holiday x

  9. Hope you have a lovely holiday. Your picture brought back great memories, we stayed in the lilac cottage to the left of your picture in February this year. The pub serves great food and is a good night out. The view over to St Michaels mount is wonderful. Lynda x


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