Simple Happy Links

Each week I like to share wonderful resources and reads to inspire simplicity, mindfulness and living well on less. 

  • Mental minimalism by Paul Jarvis. An epiphany essay for me. Mental decluttering... such a straightforward approach to mindfulness. I like the idea of 'owning' my thoughts and gaining mental space.
  • I Will Not Quit On Running by Paul Wilson. I've been running regularly since January and recently completed a 10K race reasonably comfortably but I would still like to up my training. Other than imagining I'm training with Mo Farah my motivation to run is often lacking. Focusing on gratitude might be the solution. This attitude of gratitude would work well for other exercise too.
  • How to save £££s on your food bill by Shoestring Cottage. Wonderful tips and recipes for eating cheaply and healthily. 
  • Untangling the Decluttering Message by Minimalist Woman. I enjoyed reading Meg's take on the upsurge of decluttering as a topic in the media and her wise words, 'There is no one size fits all size formula for decluttering.' 
  • Finally some small house love for us to drool over. Hill Housefeatured on Wealden Times, is a delightful fisherman's cottage in Hastings, East Sussex. I love the white, red and grey palette and the relaxed styling. It doesn't shout 'simplicity' if you know what I mean.

Thank you for reading this week. Enjoy the weekend xo



  1. Good links Claire! I loved the grocery ideas one, and I am going to try an attitude of gratitude when I exercise. I'm not a great fan of the gym, but I have to rehabilitate a couple of injuries with weights so it's the best place to go. We'll see if it makes a difference :)

  2. 'Attitude is everything.' Good luck with the gym x

  3. Enjoyed the mental minimalism article...food for thought.

    When can I move into the fisherman's house? Love it!!

  4. I think you've picked my favourite links out of the set. Yup, I'd be very happy in that cottage :)


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