Happy Blogging

Yippee! Just a little less is three today. Five years ago I discovered minimalism and three years ago today I started blogging about it. I'm very happy to still be sharing my minimalist journey with you. The best part of blogging for me is the support I get from readers and other bloggers. Thank you all for reading, commenting, following, sending friendly emails and putting me on your blogrolls. 

If you want to hear more about my thoughts on simplifying and minimalism I was recently interviewed by Mark and Laura at Enjoy Life Simply. If you go onto their interviews page and scroll down the Simple Living section you'll find me there. There are some interesting audio interviews there and some great ones to look forward to. Thank you to Mark and Laura for this opportunity.



  1. Congratulations on your third blogging birthday! Thank you for some very useful tips over the years. Sarah x

  2. Congratulations Claire and Happy 3rd Blogging Birthday 🎉
    Thanks for sharing your journey and all the inspiration you have provided. Wishing you many more blogging birthdays!
    Now I'm heading over to Enjoy Life Simply for your interview 😀

  3. Claire I just listened to your interview while having breakfast and cleaning up the kitchen. Great to hear your recap of how it all began and what happened along the way. Love that you mentioned my personal hero Henry David Thoreau!
    It seems the pictorial additions to the above comment didn't appear so just imagine party hat, streamers and a smiley face.

  4. Thanks Megan for your kind words and for listening to the interview. Thoreau has stuck with me since reading the book in January. Simplify, simplify, simplify!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Laura. You've been a wonderful inspiration to me xo

  6. Hi Claire,
    Congratulations on your anniversary. I really love reading your blog - it's so positive & often makes me want to throw a load of old rubbish out!

  7. Happy blogiversary, Claire. Enjoyed the interview!


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