Spending Report Week 4

Just a quick spending report tonight as I have other blog posts planned for the week. As you may know I'm tracking my spending for a year starting from 1st September 2015. My aims are to spend less on groceries and clothes and to save money for medium term plans. I hope to be a more mindful consumer by the end of the year. Keeping a daily spending diary is crucial to staying on track.

Grocery shopping: £85.15 (budget £92 per week/£400 per month for three to four of us which includes food, household items and toiletries). I'm pleased it was under budget but as there's only been three of us to feed it could have been less. However, there's been more batch cooking this week with plenty of portions going into the freezer which should make future weeks cheaper. My total for this month is £359.24 including a bottle of wine bought tonight for a celebratory glass. I'm quite pleased.

Spending diary: There's been one no spend day which is better than last week. The only unexpected cost this week was a new printer ink cartridge (bought at 10pm due to art homework panic, bless him). 

Motivation: Recording every spend is becoming a habit, I think.

Clothes shopping: The wardrobe edit is looming. I don't need or want any new clothes just tidier rails. It won't take me long to get my small wardrobe sorted so what's stopping me?

Treats: Our menu was a treat this week and we enjoyed trying some new recipes. Mum bought me some flowers too.

Temptations: I'm planning to plant some bulbs in layers in a tub I've just emptied so spring flowers are this week's obsession. With such lovely autumn weather I'm looking forward to doing some planting in the sunshine.

Menu: After last week's dreary menu I endeavoured to put some effort in. The sausages with green lentils from Delia's Frugal Food were delicious. I was surprised that you had to put the drained lentil water back into the pan but it tasted good. I picked this cookbook up in Shrewsbury for £1 from a charity shop. I think it's going to be useful during this challenge and might warrant a blog post of its own at some stage.The coconut chicken curry was a paleo recipe found online. It wasn't spicy enough for us but it was still enjoyable. We also tried Jack Monroe's veggie burgers which were very easy to make and tasty. I need more burger recipes as this is a favourite choice on Saturday nights. Tomorrow we're eating a huge pizza I found heavily reduced from £4.99 (lux supermarket) to just over £1. 

I'll leave you with some random week 4 photos. How's your spending been? 



  1. Were the burgers the ones with peanut butter in the recipe? If so, I might try them now you said they tasted good.

    1. No sorry they were carrot, cumin and kidney bean burgers. I'll look out for the peanut butter ones.

    2. I must admit I was a little afraid of the peanut butter. So I will be relieved to try the carrot, cumin and kidney bean version.

  2. Congratulations on sticking within your budget! When my children lived at home I used to do one big cash monthly shop, working from a list generated by my monthly menu plan, with a certain amount left over for weekly fresh vegetables. Everything that could go in the freezer did, meat, cheese, yoghurts, milk etc. We had treat meals, basic meals, standbys like beans on toast or egg and chips for those evenings when we were in a rush/tired and we didn't feel deprived. Basics ranges provided the basis of many meals (surprised we didn't turn orange from the amount of carrots consumed!), and spices made beans/mince meals tasty and different.
    Since I joined Slimming World I'm making a big effort to get back to level of planning and budgeting to ensure that I stick to their healthy eating plan. It is really worth the extra effort to save money, reduce food waste and lose the weight.

  3. Thank you. I think all the extra cooking could make me put on weight - I have to make sure extra portions go in the freezer!

  4. As always I find these posts so interesting and inspiring. Also, I just love to know what other people are eating for their tea every night! Your menu this week sounds wonderful. And what a good idea to freeze leftover portions in those disposable foil containers - we are always scrabbling around for matching tupperware bowls and lids which we then forget to label, causing "guess the frozen dinner" on quite a few occasions. xx


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