Happy Friday Links

As you, perhaps, take stock of your life after the flurry of summer or winter (if you're reading in the Southern Hemisphere) here's some guidance and inspiration to ease that transition. Autumn/spring are great seasons for recalibrating our souls, our homes and our bodies so let's make some time for simplicity, health and happiness. 

I hope you enjoy these reads. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments about A Year of Less Spending. I'm delighted to hear that I'm not alone in wanting to step back from mindless consuming. I'll update you soon xo


  1. Gosh, the sleep one is interesting! (says the night owl who is often up much later than she should be - like now). I will have an experiment with this one! And the food one is great! Those salad tips are awesome! Thanks for sharing Claire :)

    1. Hi Clare glad you like the links. I need to get to bed early as I wake up so easily in the mornings xo

  2. thanks Claire, enjoy the weekend. X

  3. The picture of your gorgeous flowers made me happy. Just lovely. I'm going to check out the links you've listed - thank you for sharing.

  4. Excellent links again Claire! I love the shed feature and I want a shed of my own now. Sadly our tiny second hand shed is full of spiders and gardening stuff, no room for a woodburning stove, arm chair or radio... x

  5. Pretty flowers! Thank you. A reminder to go out and cut some flowers myself.


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