40. Happy Friday Links

Every week I like to share wonderful reads and resources to inspire simplicity, mindfulness and living well on less.

Image source unknown. I offer it in gratitude to a musical and creative hero. 

Have a great weekend.

Claire xo


  1. Progress rather than perfection. I love this simple sentence.

    Beautiful Image.

    Happy new year,


  2. Wow Claire you have provided us with some super links yet again!
    I love the image and the thought behind it. Losing Alan Rickman was another blow. We saw him speak and introduce "A Little Chaos" when he brought it to Australia last year and he must have known about his condition then.

  3. I love the image, I shared it on Facebook when I first came across it, it's just so simple and yet so moving.

  4. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.


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