Minimalist and Simplicity Plans for 2016

So what are my minimalist and simple living plans for 2016? I've been mulling this over and here are my very loose ideas thus far:

  • To enjoy life. Every day to seek and acknowledge the beauty, simplicity and power of life. 
  • To work steadily on my goals and develop motivation to meet them. The time to start is now but reviewing goals regularly is important too. This year I am not settling on one word to guide me - I feel the need to explore and be multifaceted. 
  • To look forward. I'm looking forward to great new food to eat, to planting more flowers and crops in our garden and to a few short breaks away from it all.
  • To continue A year of Less Spending with as many no spend days as possible. Yay to list writing, sticking to a budget, stock taking, occasional stockpiling and eating down the contents of the freezer and food cupboard. Red cabbage anyone (we have plenty). I am happy with my wardrobe and look forward to wearing every piece throughout the year. I hope to buy very few new items this year.
  • To be more anti-consumerist and to not follow trends blindly. 
  • Keep my head in a book. In 2015 I read more than I have for many years and I believe reading helped me to both recover from and acknowledge the reality of losing my dad last January. H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald was a great help for this and my favourite read of 2015. I've started a sidebar of my reads in 2016 and may write about some of my reading.
  • To read authentic blogs. My taste in blogs has changed and so I've updated my blogroll to reflect my current taste in blogs: authentic, inspiring and no hard sell (especially of simplicity - pleeease). I did fear in 2015 that the heydey of blogging was over but I'm quietly confident that 2016 will be a great year for blogging. 
  • To take a balanced approach to health. I must be mindful to not beat myself up if I forget to meditate or miss a run. Any exercise is good. I love walking. Running is less enticing but I have vowed to run a marathon this year (to raise money for Parkinson's in honour of my dad). Wish me luck. It will be my first and (probably) last marathon.
  • To continue to declutter. There's still a need to declutter here and there but I can afford to take a relaxed attitude now that the major purging is over. 
  • To work hard but appreciate my time off and not feel guilty if it's not productive.
  • To continue writing here. There'll be very few changes but hopefully lots of enthusiasm. Happy Friday links will resume on the 8th.

Have a great first week of 2016 xo



  1. This is SUCH a good list. I may have to print it out and stick it on my fridge. I love the reasoning behind your approach to minimalism and simple living - it's not about trends and followers, it's heartfelt. It resonates with me more now than I think it did before, perhaps because life is so much busier.

    I like your idea of no spend days. And not feeling guilty about being unproductive - I really need to take that on board! Thanks for being as inspiring as ever Claire, and I wish you a very happy 2016. xx

  2. Thanks you so much for including me in your blog roll. I think your above list is fabulous....

  3. I always read your blog, Claire, but rarely comment. However, I love your list for 2016. It's similar to mine (not blogged, but I have it at home) but has also given me a couple of ideas to tweak mine.

    I've changed my blogging reading nowadays, too. I found myself reading blogs just because I always had, even though I now found them annoying/ boring/ no longer relevant! I find inspiration for new blogs to read on the sidebars of my favourite bloggers :)
    I love the gentleness & calmness of your blog - I find it very serene and peaceful

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  5. A very workable list. With regard to de-cluttering, putting away our Christmas decorations has sent me into despair with the amount of "stuff" we have! E.g. I still have school reports for all our children from primary school onwards and the eldest is now 27. What is one to do? This area of my life I find so hard to sort! It's good to know that it can be fine though.Happy 2016.

  6. This all sounds like a recipe for a productive, interesting, and above all enjoyable year. Good luck with it all.
    I do agree about authenticity and 'hard sell' blogs. I'm afraid I just ditch the ones that I feel are trying to sell me something, however subtly they do it (and some of them are very subtle indeed). Likewise the 'all you need to have this look is buy xxxx' posts.
    Happy 2016 to you.

  7. Great list. I agree about blogs that are trying to sell something. I don't mind links to the bloggers book as long as every post is not an advert. I must admit I was naive as I didn't realise some bloggers have incentives to promote products.

  8. Many of your goals are similar to mine. There never seems to a moment when I reach a stage where there is nothing to declutter! Thanks for still including me in your list! Sarah x

  9. Hey Claire,
    H is For Hawk was my favourite read of last year too. Like Gillian, I feel inspire to put your list on my fridge. Marc and I have decided to start de-cluttering this year. We are starting with the shed and the loft. It feels rather daunting, but I am looking forward to less stuff around me. No spend days are also something I am going to try and follow. It's all to easy for me to fritter away money. So more flasks of tea and less take away coffees for a start. And the best of luck with the Marathon; I am aiming to start running again this month. It's cheaper than a gym membership that I never utilise!
    All the best for achieving your goals!
    Leanne xx

    1. Oh and thank you for including me in your blog roll. I'm dead chuffed with that! xx

  10. Happy New Year to you Claire. I bought myself H is for Hawk for Christmas :-) and I'm looking forward to reading it. I like your list very much. I'm always trying to declutter but my husband prefers to hang on to things and my children take after him. Makes it a bit tricky! Thank you for listing me on your blog roll. I am honoured. Sam x

  11. Claire your plans for 2016 are similar to mine and I agree about blogs that are pushing their wares a little too hard while proclaiming to be minimalists/proponents of simple living.
    It's good to hear you plan to continue posting as I regard your blog as the one I relate to most and is one of the most authentic.

  12. Running a marathon changed my life--it really opened my eyes to what I was capable of (especially since I had NEVER been a runner before that). I wish you all the best of luck in your running journey!

    And, to put in my two cents, I personally would love to hear about what you've been reading---I'm always on the prowl for more books to add to my to-read pile :)

  13. A good list, a really good list. Good luck with the marathon training, and if you do make it to the start line I hope you will give us the ability to sponsor you when the time is near, it is a cause close to my heart.

    And thank you for still having me on your bloglist, it's a compliment after reading this post ..... I promise not to try to sell you anything ;-)

  14. Wow Claire, inspiring post as always. Look forward to you sharing your journey, particularly towards a marathon, go you!
    I picked up my reading last year. An on line reading group was the encouragement i needed. Missed the escapism reading brings.
    Heres to a happy, healthy New Year, may it be a kind one!! Xx

  15. Happy New Year to you. Agree a wonderful list. We are moving in a month from our small country cottage in a village where we have lived for 18 years (needs work...expensive) to a 3 bed bungalow...much cheaper near the coast 15 mins away. Much cheaper lifestyle and more simplified. Your blog is my inspiration and helps when thoughts of downsizing get too tough. Reading is one of my favourite things to do and 'Me Before You' is one of my fav books. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. xx

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  17. Read your blog for the first time today, it was really rather inspiring..thank you. Woo xx

  18. Just had a little read Claire. Glad you are continuing here and have faith in blogging! I having a moment of not quite knowing what angle I am coming from...as soon as I think I know it, it changes!! I am still de-cluttering, that's on going. I'm dealing with china, momentoes and keepsakes at the moment. Mainly what belonged to family. It's such a process. Keep up the writing. X

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