Snowdrop Scavenging

I blinked and six weeks passed. 

It's good to be back: to my blog, to nature and my beloved DSLR.  You could miss moments like these - but with a desire to solicit snowdrops, sunshine and shuffle in my Christmas wellies, I found what I was looking for.  As I walked, I felt my vitamin D levels being restored, along with some balance and plans for spring and beyond. No need for excessive scavenging: it's all simply in front of me if only I open my eyes.

I hope you're well friends. There may be more posts this week as it's half-term here xo


  1. Enjoy the break. I look forward to your posts.

    1. It's good to hear from you here and on your blog - i enjoyed your thoughts on frugality xo

  2. Good to hear from you Claire and I'll look forward to your future posts. The snowdrops are delightful 😀

  3. Beautiful photos. Thanks so much for sharing these.

  4. Beautiful! We are light years away from anything blooming. I will live vicariously through your flowers.

  5. Isn't it wonderful to see things popping up out of the ground? Really lifts the heart.

  6. Lovely to have this, Claire -- I too look forward to your posts, and always enjoy them. Happy spring.


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