51. Happy Friday Links

Finding my blogging feet and back with some wonderful reads and resources to inspire simplicity, mindfulness and living well on less.

  • Ariana from Paris To Go creates cute outfits from her minimalist wardrobe and check out her gorgeous DIY copper clothes rack. I love her non-attachment to clothes and her confidence in owning less.
  • A smart family with an amazing tiny home complete with garden, pond and tree house. I admire so much about their attitude, discipline and style. Thank you Exploring Alternatives.  
  • From The Pool, an interesting article by Ella Risbridger about If God Made Jam, a poem by Sarah Lindsay.
  • 5 minimalist New Years Resolutions from The 5 Minute Minimalist (at last some snappy, straight forward talking minimalism on the internet). 
  • Kale is currently my favourite veg and so this kale and black bean salad from Aine at Pea Soup really appeals to me (although I might simplify/substitute some of the ingredients). 
  • I know... another wardrobe link... but hear me out. I've chosen this one because who can't identify with issues such as needing comfortable clothes and dealing with their body shape changing. Forever Wardrobe Part 2 from Janet at Gardener's Cottage gives hope and inspiration. 
  • From Leo Babauta, the master of mindfulness and habit changing, One Simple Shift to Turn Life Into an Adventure.

And that's all for now. Enjoy these reads and your weekend too xo



  1. Welcome back Claire!
    The one week I didn’t check your website you had made three new posts, but it was a wonderful surprise when I saw them this morning. Lovely family photo and story about your son plus the usual great reading suggestions.

  2. Lovely to hear from you Megan (as always). I hope to keep posting so keep checking. I see The Minimalists are on tour in Australia this month - are you going? Claire x

    1. Yes, Claire you are on the top of my list of favourites so I will definitely keep checking!
      Yes, Joshua and Ryan are back in Australia next week but unfortunately we have theatre tickets on the night of their Sydney show on March 13. I still have wonderful memories of seeing them last time as I'm sure you do too. M xxx

  3. I love the copper clothes rail in your first link, so simple and yet useful and beautiful.


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