Enjoying the Present Moment

Our eldest son has just returned to China after a three week break at home. It was lovely to have Sam home, enjoy his company and catch-up with his life in more detail - Skype is not quite the same as hanging out in the kitchen over vinyl and a drink. He's definitely more assured and independent and, of course, he had plenty of interesting tales to tell of his ten months living in central China.

Now that he's on his way back to China (to teach English again but this time in Shenzhen bordering Hong Kong), I'm left with the impression of how much he made of his three week visit in the UK. He caught up with old school and uni friends in different parts of the country, was keen to see grandparents as well as other family members and he also took himself off to a gig in Birmingham. Sam took it all in his stride and seemed to be equally happy with simple pleasures such as relaxing at home or going food shopping to find ingredients for a (very spicy) Chinese dish which he cooked for us. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that he was focused on the moment and was open to making the most of each day, whether that was a day at home or an opportunity to visit London to see a friend and do some exploring. Enjoying the present moment and seizing new opportunities is a great attitude to have if you're 22 or even 51! Thanks for the tip, Sam!

Can I just say thank you to everyone who's left me a comment – it's lovely to hear from you too!



  1. Great reminder that a good life ix made of good moments. What a wise young man.

  2. What a lovely family. I was a lot older than Sam before I learnt that the present moment is the only moment and to cherish and make the most of it. He is wise indeed.

  3. It was lovely to find not one but two posts had appeared on your blog. What a happy family photo, how wonderful that your son is taking Life by the horns and really ‘living’it! Take care love Penny L xx


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