52 Weeks of Happy (52/52)

Hello. These photos show just how wet it's been here in the Midlands and further north this weekend. It also shows that I didn't use my camera earlier in the week when it was drier and brighter. Never mind.

This is my selection of four simple happy moments from the last week. 

♥ Glorious red leaves on the tiny tree in our back garden. Even in the rain they look pretty.
♥♥ Sheffield. We visited our son in Sheffield today and spent a lovely few hours basically feeding him and quizzing him! These photos of metallic spheres were taken outside the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield where we saw the Inside the Circle of Fire exhibition by Chris Watson. Sounds of the city from birdsong to football fans filled a darkened room - it was quite an experience. This is the second Sunday in a row where we have visited an art gallery - it's a lovely way to while away time when you get the chance.
♥♥♥ These second hand books I picked up at a charity shop in Stafford a few weeks ago. I got all three for under £2 and I have been reading them this week. I don't visit my local charity shops much now as I'm trying to avoid temptation but if I'm visiting a different town or city I might treat myself. These books have filled me with inspiration for frugal cooking and new ideas for the garden and are far cheaper and longer lasting than a magazine.
♥♥♥♥ This series 52 Weeks of Happy. This will be my last post in this series but I will still share my simple pleasures with you in some form or other each week. A big thank you to Jen from Little Birdie for her brilliant series and reminding us to look for happiness in the simple things. 

Wishing you all a happy week wherever you are.

Be happy xo



  1. Lovely photos and a lovely list. The display of sedums is really striking. Thank you for all of your happies, I've really enjoyed them, and I shall no doubt continue to enjoy coming here to see you.

  2. I'm glad you still will be showing us your moments from the week, those red leaves are amazing.

  3. The red leaves are gorgeous! Sounds like a lovely weekend you had in Sheffield! x

  4. I love your rain-soaked photos, they are full of light. I too have loved every week of this series and I've so enjoyed reading your happies each week. xx


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