Autumn Dreams

This weekend in the UK, as summer time ends and we change the clocks, we have an extra hour to dream.

With mild temperatures lingering, layering the woollies and embracing the new season feels like a dress rehearsal for some far off fantasy land. We know that soon the shorter days will take over and the chill and chasm of autumn/winter will become a stark reality but for now we can savour our autumn dreams.

Here are mine.

  • To embrace daylight by getting outside to walk and stop and stare
  • Trying new autumnal recipes... think soups, experimenting with squashes and baking, baking, baking
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Movie nights
  • Chunky knits - cardigans, fingerless gloves and scarves
  • Jacket potatoes oozing with melted butter
  • Flames and sparks - bonfires, open fires and glowing candles
  • Early nights and longer lie-ins

Do you have any autumn dreams?


  1. Your savoring sounds marvelous !
    Suddenly I am craving a baked potato with lots of butter too :)

  2. Looks and sounds like your making the most of Autumn.

  3. You simply can't beat a jacket potato with lots of melting butter can you :-)

    Lovely photos, it really is time to get ourselves ready for the coming Winter isn't it, and thanks for the clocks reminder.

  4. beautiful photos Claire, it's still quite mild here too. I'd forgotten about the clocks! Heather x

  5. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons so I'm planning a lot of walks, plenty of baked goods and I've just started to knit something for myself.

  6. Love the colour's of Autumn which you have captured beautifully. My favourite season, xx


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