At the Weekend


bought myself some flowers for a treat ... because... well, it's book club at mine tomorrow evening
rearranged a few display items - my dala horse never gets put away
supported hubs as he painted the family bathroom white - goodbye magnolia and yay to pure white walls!
wore my poppy with pride and visited our local Garden of Remembrance
bought Christmas cards
enjoyed a late Sunday afternoon stroll through the park - the rays were low and the temperature cool but it was so mood enhancing

This weekend seemed  a little too busy - a little diy can put things out of balance - pleased as I am with the results I don't know if it was worth it in terms of time lost together as a family/couple.

I won't be around to write Minimalist Monday tomorrow - too busy hosting book club, scoffing olives and indulging in a splash of red wine. But if I was to write a post it would be entitled "I don't buy Christmas". Our Christmas will be magical and nostalgic whether I choose to shop for it in the big stores or not. I've seen all the big Christmas adverts this weekend and wonderful as they are they haven't tempted me to part with my money. 

Have a great week and thank you for reading, following and commenting here this week xo



  1. Love the park photo, it's beautiful. I don't buy Christmas either if I can help it. They haven't squeezed any money out of me yet! Hope you enjoy your book club meeting and that you have a good week.

  2. Beautiful shots.
    I enjoy the way the sun is coming through those large gorgeous trees.
    Love that little wooden horse as well.

  3. I noticed the new Christmas adverts had been rolled out - very magical (lots of deer?!) and whimsical but to be honest, I don't really see what they are trying to make me buy, so that's good…!
    Love dala horses… time for a blog post of my own, I think!

  4. Lovely photos.

    Rooms really do look wonderful white don't they, and we have the same Home Sweet Home sign as you! We inherited ours from the previous owners, they had stuck it to the wall with double sided sticky tape, they must have been afraid of pulling off the plaster if they removed it, but we managed to get it off and reposition it in our little bathroom upstairs, it totally inspired us NOT to put green in that one room :-).

  5. Have fun, lovely light in your photos.

  6. Have just caught up on some of your previous posts Claire and am so glad that your dad is doing better now.
    Love the photos, especially the tree-lined walkway in the park. Enjoy the book club and write more about not buying Christmas in your next Minimalist Monday post :)

  7. Lovely photos, thank you for sharing.
    I have been "working" my way through a quite a few of your minimalist Monday posts and felt inspired to finally clear out one of my clothes drawers. Maybe I'll tackle the drawer of doom next. It is the one drawer in the house where everything with no place ends up....
    What are you reading at book group? Mine is reading "Too. much happiness" by Alice Munro

  8. It sounds like a nice weekend, despite the DIY. But I always think it's worth doing these jobs as the room looks so refreshed afterwards, even if you don't feel so refreshed! I hope next weekend is more restful for you. I love your dala horse - mine are always out and move from room to room but never get put away. x

  9. I love white walls and I love your little horse - been looking for one for a while but need to step up my efforts. Maybe a little self-gifting for Christmas...

  10. Wine and olives on a Monday sounds like a good idea! x


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