Remember to be Healthy in November

I'm hoping November will be a calmer month after the wet and wild last days of October in the UK. I'm not setting any mini goals this month but I will be trying to focus once more on health and relaxation. If October taught me anything it was the importance of health - both of my loved ones and also of not neglecting my own. 

With the demands of December just around the corner and colder weather more likely, this is the month to remember to take good care of yourself. 

This vintage photo sets the mood for me. 

Here's to a healthy and happy November for us all xo



  1. I agree, time to take care for the winter. Heather x

  2. Am trying to eat healthily before the season of excess is upon us - not that easy when you're craving comfort food and a warming tipple of an evening!
    Blustery, bracing walks are the answer I think :)

  3. Yes, as autumn comes around I always feel I need to pay extra attention to our health and boost our immune systems with healthier eating and down time. I try to make sure we get adequate sleep as well. This month was not the best for us either. I saw my father-in-law in hospital with pneumonia. It was the first time anyone on my husbands side of the family had been hospitalized, it was jarring and quite a wakeup call. We shouldn't take good health for granted.

  4. A great reminder Claire, it's something I need to spend some time on.

  5. An inspiring short post as always, what are your healthy plans for November, I need some motivation to get me started!


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