A Flower-Filled Weekend

♥ On Friday my weekend got off to a flower-filled start with some early Mother's Day flowers, a mixed spring bunch of daffodils, tulips and hyacinths. An unexpected and sweet gift from my husband. 

 On Saturday I spotted some reduced primroses in a local florists. At 50p a pot they had a few dead flowers which needed removing but they won my heart and made a pretty trio on a ledge in our kitchen alongside Friday's flowers. Oh and I bought some flowers for my mum too.

 On Sunday I arranged grape hyacinths, daffodils and japonica (foraged from my mum's garden) in my old glass bottles. Two sat on windowsills and one set the scene for Sunday lunch on the kitchen table. I also received more tulips from my parents-in-law who came over for lunch.

How lovely to have a flower-filled weekend. I must add that I was able to arrange and photograph these flowers as I had time on my hands this morning as my husband and youngest son were busy in the kitchen. No cooking and flowers made my day, thank you. It has been a beautiful spring this year in the UK and it's lovely to bring spring into the home too. 

Thanks for reading, following and commenting here. I hope you have a good week.



  1. Lovely photos, especially of the grape hyacinths. I was delighted to see some flowers in the garden this afternoon and got very excited at the though of the year's first posy. I'm glad you had a little time to yourself today to potter around with flowers, just what mother's day is all about. x

  2. Lovely flowers. I finally have two tulips in bloom, with several more buds ready to open soon. I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day.

  3. These are beautiful .
    We just got our first crocus yesterday ~
    I think that means Spring may have finally found our farm !

  4. All those flowers, lucky you, they're wonderful. Glad you had such a lovely day yesterday, I hope you have a good weekend too. CJ xx

  5. I love spring flowers, particularly muscari... and well done on buying those little primrose pots - so sweet!

  6. Lovely sharp images of your flowers

  7. Beautiful - I find flowers can really lift my spirits.

  8. Lovely photos, such cheering colours! I always make sure the windowsills are stocked with daffodils in spring, they can't help but make me smile! I'm lucky to have a front garden full of wild primroses so I enjoy gazing out at those :)


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