Snippets of Spring, Shakespeare and Song

At the weekend we celebrated the beginning of spring and hubs' birthday with a visit to Moseley Old Hall in Staffordshire, an Elizabethan farmhouse where Charles II hid after the battle of Worcester. As regular readers will know we now spend a lot of our Sundays walking in the countryside so when we were left a small gift of money from a deceased elderly relative we decided to spend some of it on National Trust membership. This is something we have talked of doing for a long time. Our first visit didn't disappoint. Despite a cold wind we were lucky to have bright skies and spent most of our time outside. I couldn't resist delving in the borders with my camera snapping primroses, cowslip, hellebores and other spring flowers I can't name.  

We had a wander through King's Walk Wood and in keeping with the age of the property we listened to a snippet of As You Like It in the knot garden. 

There was cake and tea and a final wander through the grounds. The magnificent clumps of hellebores were my favourite.

I think hubs enjoyed his birthday weekend. There was cake, a drink with family and friends, a takeaway and he got to play his guitar at a local venue. 

Thanks for reading, following and commenting here this week. I love hearing from old and new readers. Don't be shy.

Birthday boy, third from left.


  1. The knot garden looks lovely!! Hope that you enjoy your NT membership. xx

  2. Lucky you, NT membership is wonderful. I'd love to have one again - maybe one day! I do hope you enjoy visiting the properties. It certainly looks like a wonderful weekend.

  3. I very much enjoyed this walk !

  4. thank-you for taking me along on your journey. I loved feeling as if I were in your hands and heart - soaking up those pretty gardens, that cup of tea and then the sounds of joy.
    lovely blog, I found you via Janet of The Gardener's Cottage. Pop in to my blog, pve design.

  5. We have really enjoyed our national trust membership. Would you believe we live 10 minutes away from Mosley Old Hall and have never been? It looks lovely.

    X x

  6. As always, your blog & pictures are a delight! Thank you for brightening up my day!

  7. Love the second picture - the little white flowers are so delicate.

  8. I am a relatively new reader in Upstate New York. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the glimpse into your days and your insight in downsizing and loving the everyday. Thank you!!

  9. Claire that was a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday and the beginning of Spring - best wishes to your husband!

  10. I'm not shy, lovely post & pics as ever, happy weekend, xx

  11. What a lovely-looking house. I love the chimneys. I'd very much like to invest in National Trust membership but hubby disagrees and wants English Heritage. We can't agree, or afford both, so we have neither. It looks like a very enjoyable spring weekend and I hope this weekend is as nice. x

  12. What lovely flowers. Spring is my favorite season :-)


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