A Healthy 2015

I am confident that nobody... will accuse me of selfishness if I spend time, while I am still in good health, with my family, my friends and also with myself. Nelson Mandela 

Here's my list of healthy resolutions for the new year.

1. Healthy work. My aim is to enjoy my work, be passionate about it but not get too stressed if I have a bad day. I've lost too many hours sleep over performance angst. I love my job (teaching) and the value that it adds. Us teachers need to lighten our load. 
2. Healthy relationships. No relationship is perfect and every relationship needs work. I need to work on appreciating my loved ones, their imperfections and all. 2 robust teenagers and our less robust parents will take up most of our energy this year. Connecting with friends, old and new, is also key. 
3. Healthy finances. I'm no financial expert but over the last year I've begun to appreciate the need for a tighter grip on our finances. Continuing keeping our grocery shopping under control is a top priority this year.  
4. Healthy food. In recent months I've ditched calorie counting for counting the cost that poor food choices are having on my body. Eating more protein, good fats and less sugar is already making a difference to how l feel and look. It takes some experimenting with, but working out the balance that is right for you is worth it.   
5, Healthy mind. We need stimulation and to learn new things but a healthy mind needs downtime too. We need to look inward as well as outward. We need to find time to step back and to find sanctuary in this digital age. I aim to find that sanctuary through more walking, less time on my phone and laptop and making time for meditation and prayer. Searching can be inward as well as outward. 
6. Healthy body. It's all about making the most of what you've got and enjoying the body that you've been given. It's about moving more, not sitting still for long periods of time and finding enjoyable exercise. My aim this year is to run at least another half-marathon (my last one was in 2007). I don't relish the thought of stepping out the front door but I love how I feel once I get into the flow of a steady run. This needs to be my mantra. 
7. Healthy consumerism. OK, so we all need to buy stuff. However, I am committed to a life of less. Purchases that are non-essential will be limited this year. I'm planning on spending some money on improving our house, our garden and also my wardrobe but all on a tiny, tiny budget. Other than that I don't need any more stuff. 

How about you? Have you got plans for a healthy 2015? Id love to hear. e



  1. This year I just want to stay healthy, spend less. We are going to do a few renovations to our house. And maybe finally put our polytunnel up.

  2. Been reading a few blogs and already people seem to be making impossible demands on themselves. Take each day as it comes. And, any food is good food.

  3. Claire I love that you use "healthy" as an adjective for all aspects of our life and not just food (of course eating healthy food is the essential ingredient and a good starting point).
    My aims this year are similar to yours and I look forward to your future blogs on this subject.
    By the way, how are you enjoying "Walden"?

  4. I really like the way you've interpreted the word healthy here. No mention of a diet, just a slightly altered approach to lifestyle choices. Small changes are the easiest to make. Eat a little less, move a little more, get out and about in the fresh air. That's what I'll aim for. Happy new year to you Claire. xx

  5. I love all your ideas for a healthy new year.. Nothing to overwhelm you, just sensible ways to improve all aspects of life. I have found that simplifying all areas of my life has been a blessing.
    Wishing you a healthy, happy New Year.

  6. I just started reading your blog a couple of months ago. I like the slightly different, but "healthy" perspective you bring to that which is a part of our everyday life. I like your take on resolutions for 2015. My goal is also to be healthy in 2015. I'm still working on getting to 5kms in the running. Looking forward to your thoughts in 2015!

  7. I found your blog whilst looking for inspiration in my 50th year for more fulfilment, wholesome living. I plan to do 50 things to mark this year but they have to have meaning and not be too pricey. On the list so far is to re start my blog, ditch some other social media activity and to de clutteret as much as possible. Have you heard about the book Happier People Healthier Planet? That is the book on my 50 list it is about living with less. All the best for 2015, I look forward to following your journey.


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