A Simple Easter

This Easter we tried to keep things simple with the focus on nurturing our family - young and not so young. We kept the decorations minimal with just a pretty table cloth, fresh daffodils and a few knitted chicks. All our food came from good old Aldi and was cooked with great love by Tim. We hurriedly baked some cakes - they look better than they tasted but they got eaten. Who needs mass produced perfect cakes? We had our usual fill of chocolate and moaned about the amount of packaging. Something to work on...

Time off work means time to play and I had a lovely day catching up with a school friend from sixth form. For a few hours we were tourists in the city we both spent our teenage years in and swapped notes as only friends of the same age can. 

Our next meet up is scheduled and the cake is already being discussed.

We didn't venture far over the holiday weekend but a trip to our local marina to stroll past the narrowboats was a treat. We walked from the marina into the nearby picturesque village. Old properties and quirky touches caught my eye.
On Easter Saturday our eldest turned 20 which made us feel old. A week later we visited our great nephew. With his smiles and giggles he was a great host. I tagged this photo 'hands'. Can you see why?

Today we took our eldest back to uni but stopped on the way back at one of my favourite peaceful places - The Tara Centre in Etwall, Derby. My husband jokes that I only take him there when it's raining but it was still beautiful.

I've so much to be grateful for this Easter not least my friends old and new who read Just a little less. You're all very welcome here xo



  1. You live in beautiful surroundings; is that Norman-style house yours ? You really had the perfect Easter !

  2. Gorgeous photographs as always! (My road to minimalism has begun over Easter).

  3. beautiful photos Claire. I love your Easter table and simple food with all that space around it! and those boots. The Tara center looks interesting. Have a good week. X

  4. It all sounds (and looks) lovely Claire. I hope you had a relaxing time with your family. X

  5. As my two children are not really children anymore I proclaimed that we would not be "doing" Easter. They got what I meant straight away. We are not religoius in this house nor do we make a big deal of the traditional holidays with big family gatherings and presents. So I made a massive chocolate cake, my husband cooked a lush roast and we took little dog to the beach. It was perfect just the four of us ( 5 with the dog!) Simple and happy.

  6. I love the picture of the flowers in the boots. So simple, so colorful, so spring.
    We had a simple Easter, too; I think we all enjoyed not attempting to have the 'perfect' day.

  7. Simple, yet beautiful and colourful. Love your pics, that magnolia is gorgeous. :-) xx

  8. Beautiful pictures, and wonderful magnolies,congratulations and greetings from warsaw


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