Happy Friday Links - Unbusy Your Weekend

I do hope you find a little time for yourself this weekend. It's been a long haul to Easter hasn't it? However you spend it, enjoy the moment, take some breaks (if you've got chores to do) and make choices that'll nurture your well-being. There's a desire in many of us to switch off more yet how often do we listen to that voice? That deep desire within to be quiet can, if we make time for it, lead us to the answers we often spend hours searching for online.

If you do spend time online this weekend here's a few links that I've enjoyed and found useful this week.

With these, I wish you a refreshing Easter break xo


  1. Happy Easter Claire. I love the Japanese house. I like the clear lines and lack of bulky furniture. I love that long work bench too. I did a huge de-clutter and clean of my living room yesterday, but my house still feels like a rubix cube! it all seemed to move somewhere else. X

  2. I agree with you it has been a long haul to Easter, happy Easter to you.

  3. could we see your new hair do, I am going to do this myself.


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