Happy Friday Links: Authenticity

Welcome to my third week of Happy Friday Links. I hope you enjoy reading them - please let me know any thoughts. 

My aim is to offer some interesting reads and inspiration that might just save you endless trekking around the internet (but I know that's easier said than done and there's nothing quite like discovering a great new site/post for yourself). 

Something I've been pondering this week is authenticity. Am I living as I am because I'm trying to please others or conform to society's norms? To what extent are my lifestyle choices being influenced by trends? 

Here are my favourite clicks of the week - some of which fit in with this theme.

With these, enjoy your weekend!


  1. Thanks Claire, I have been de-cluttering again this week. It's such a process! have a good weekend. X

  2. I love headspace use it a l....thanks Claire

  3. Hey Claire,
    I am about to follow Ella a little way starting from tomorrow. Between her, Davina and the I quit sugar woman I've got it covered. I'm writing this and eating my last bar of chocolate (sob).
    Leanne xx


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