Happy Friday Links

Some interesting treasures for you this weekend. Linger, listen and do let me know which ones you enjoy. 

  • Table for 1: Eenmaal via Bloesem. There's a simplicity and beauty to these solo diners, don't you think?
  • Whose life is this, anyway? by Unstuck. Some practical ideas for freeing more time to follow your passions. 
  • Simply Black & White, Stripes & Check by Coffee Blooms. I've been admiring Roberta's style for a while and I love the interior shots on this post too. 
  • 4 Relaxation Tips We Can Learn From Our Pets by Quiet Habits. I like the sound of a sunset drive.
  • Cabins by Exile Lifestyle. If you crave simplicity don't be seduced into buying it. Hear, hear Colin. 
  • I have a few treasures in my box via Turvey Abbey's blog, Preferring Nothing to Christ. Saving my favourite link for the end (you see, I told you there were treasures in store). The Turvey nuns examine 'wants' versus 'needs' in relation to St. Bede's dying words. How much are we willing to share? 

Have a lovely weekend xo



  1. Hey thanks for the link! I always enjoy reading your tweets!

  2. All links were interesting Claire but I really liked the Cabins post by Colin from Exile Lifestyle and agree with it wholeheartedly!

    1. Cabins is a beautiful post I agree. I've reread it several times!

  3. I love your Friday links, Claire. This week I enjoyed the post about cabins and the 4 relaxing tips from our pets. I've realised that I tend to snatch opportunities to nap in a bit of sunshine when I can - just like my dog and it does make me feel better.

    1. So glad you like them as I'm now on my 10th week! Yes, we need to embrace those sunshiny moments.

  4. Cabins is a fab post. I have also started copying what our cat does first thing after a sleep - a really long good stretch. I feel so much better afterwards! (Mrs LH)


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