The Welcome to Now Project: Week 2

My second week of The Welcome to Now project has got off to a good start as I finished decluttering the kitchen today and made more progress in the loft. My mind seems more focused this week and I'm determined to make some progress in all 4 areas. I've also got some posts lined up for you to help keep the motivation going. 

The-once-and-for-all-declutter. Slowly, slowly I'm working my way through the trouble zones of the house. More bags and boxes are lined up ready for recycling and the charity shop. The kitchen now feels lighter and more spacious. I have to keep going although it's hard work at times.

Be Fabulous. I may not enjoy the thought of every run but I like the results – a calmer mind and improving fitness. This week I'm planning 3 x 30 minute runs. My daily walk feels like an essential part of my day and is the easiest part of the project as I enjoy this time so much. My hair's not feeling so fabulous this week especially since my hair dryer broke. A new compact model is on order and I can't wait to tame my locks once more.

Finding Focus. Keeping the momentum of week 1 going is my focus this week as well as writing new material to fit in with the project. With my meditation I'm following the advice of Jon Kabat-Zinn. I'm going to try experimenting with the lengths and style of my meditations. 

Try Something New.  Date night with my husband? A few hours away from it all just for myself? These are my ideas.

I'll keep you posted. Well done on your progress last week and here's to more success in week 2 xo



  1. I'm following your progress with interest as I am doing a similar kind of thing myself - a bit of mindfulness meditation and some fitness goals. Had got into the routine of doing Davina Fit in 15 minutes every morning in addition to usual dog walk but my progress halted this week because I overdid the jumping and squats and my knee is swollen and sore. Decluttering for me today - papers and out of date work materials. That won't be too hard.

  2. One of my new things I've done as part of my year of something new is to walk alone. I've just finished walking the length of the Kennet and Avon Canal. Walking alone for a whole day turned out to be something I completely love, and will definitely make part of my life from now on. And it's great that it's something I can do straight from my front door and if I want without spending any money. I come back home a much calmer, relaxed, and physically tired woman. Win win!


Thanks for reading and leaving your comments. Keep in touch xo