Happy Friday Links

Have you had a good week? I hope so. And have you anything planned for the weekend? Hubs and I are escaping this weekend for a little break in the country (more photos like this one above next week). I think I need my bed after getting up early this morning to watch the UK election results unfold. Quite a few hats being eaten after some surprising results (on Woman's Hour Jenni Murray suggested marzipan ones which made me smile). I'm proud of my vote even though it didn't make an impression, grateful for the right to vote and for everyone else who turned out to vote. 

So, onto this week's links. Inspiring, interesting, informative.... I hope there's something here for you. Thank you for reading, following, commenting and contacting me. It's always great to hear from you.

7 life changing tips to heal your IBS from Madeleine Shaw
5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying ANYTHING by the Skint Dad blog
Why tidying up could change your life via The Guardian
Why this 29 yr old has given up relationships and sex to become a nun via Cosmopolitan 
From Clutter and Depression to Minimalism and Contentment by nourishing minimalism

I hope you enjoy these!



  1. Thanks for the links! I especially liked the last one--decluttering can do a LOT for your mental health! (Here is a post I wrote, on a similar vein: http://www.onlinetherapyandcoaching.org/blog/2015/4/29/how-simplicity-can-add-sanity-to-your-life .

  2. interesting links, hope you've enjoyed your break! x

  3. Tidying up could change my life? I'm off to read that one!

    My vote didn't make a flipping difference either, but I'm proud of my right to exercise it. It's a responsibiity as well as a right. I hope your weekend away was lovely. xx


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